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  • Domme by Default
  • Tymber Dalton
  • English
  • 12 October 2020
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FREE DOWNLOAD Ö Domme by Default TasiesBut at what cost to her peace of mind What do you do when you’ve been appointed your husband’s Domme by DefaultWarning This story includes erotic MF BDSM sex and related activities includ. Domme by Default is the first novel by Tymber Dalton I ve read and I enjoyed it for several reasonsOne It doesn t take place in some swanky overpriced BDSM club filled with impossibly rich and beautiful people I am seriously over those The Deviations series notwithstanding Two The heroine and the hero are regular people and the story is told from their different points of view Dalton was really able to get inside of their heads and make me feel the ambivalence and well as the love between the two characters These two people are in their forties and on their second marriage They don t have uber perfect bodies and they re not running around in PVC and leather Neither are they emotionally or physically damaged They re just kinky LOLThree The heroine has no idea just what being a Domme to her sub husband really means She s a modern woman who writes erotic fiction while able to wire a ceiling fan and replace pipes in her kitchen But she s also somewhat of a traditionalist in that she wants her hubby to be the dominant one in the bedroomFour The hero is secure in what he wants but completely unsure of how to ask for it without hurting his wife s feelings He s comfortable being a computer nerd not a handymanIt was only seventy pages but I really wanted it to be longer I really came to care about this couple and wanted them to be happy I enjoyed their journey into the gentler side of Ds with all its attendant bumps and bruises and comedy of errors And let s face it I m a fem dom fan who loves reading about women wielding strap ons yay

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FREE DOWNLOAD Ö Domme by Default Kinky never looked so normalWhen a wife is faced with the uestion of what she is willing to do for love her answer isanything She sets aside her own inhibitions to fulfill her husband's wildest fan. This was not my favorite Dalton book it was too rushed and too short for my taste However I LOVED the attention to submissive men and straight men who enjoy being pegged Mrs Dalton has serious ovarian fortitude to tackle this subject matter Submissive men are often neglected in heterosexual BDSM erotica That being said I am personally disgusted by other readers intolerant reviews and characterizations of submissive men as pussies Silence is collusion To those readers I say you ve ostensibly missed entire point of Tymber s short story the diversity of BDSM relationships the power of love It takes incredible strength to ask for what your heart might yearn but what society say is unacceptable and gender inappropriate It takes amazing strength to be submissive to give one s body safety and sometimes soul to another As a switch I also know that holding the reins of that power is intoxicating and frightening If you don t understand ask Your intolerance is inexcusable


FREE DOWNLOAD Ö Domme by Default Ing anal playsextoys a home improvement–challenged husband a snarky sarcastic wife and the portrayal of a kinder gentler side of BDSMNote This book was previously published with another publisher. OMG SO I thought that I loved Reluctant Dom and cried at the end Never saw that coming BTW Then I read this novella about 70 pages and oh man it was awesome I understand what that woman feels like sometimes you just want a man to step up and do something I loved how she was willing to do things for her husband I love my hubby so I know that I would do anything for him too I also loved how Tony was in it for a little bit