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Hush Puppy

SUMMARY ☆ Hush Puppy Mands He utters a key word or phrase and her body obeys No matter how hard Olivia tries to regain control she can’t defy him This makes her puppy training very simpleAfter the first night she wakes up in her apartment She even goes to work but Anya is there and she’s ready to get some revenge Before long Olivia is stripped naked collared leashed and doing tricks for her own assistantFrom now on Olivia is going to be down on her hands and knees She’ll chase balls and perform tricks for her new owners Orgasms and doggie biscuit.


SUMMARY ☆ Hush Puppy Olivia and Anya have been enemies at work for a long time But when Olivia decides to steal some of her competitor’s work Anya’s husband steps in Peter drugs her and brings her to his house where he is going to make sure she never bothers his wife againHe intends to make Olivia useful by turning her into an obedient puppy He strips her restrains her and hypnotizes her He relaxes her and trains her making her bark and scamper about on all fours Despite being a strong willed woman Olivia finds herself compelled to obey certain com.

Felicity Ray Kyles ä 1 SUMMARY

SUMMARY ☆ Hush Puppy S will be her treats to reward good behavior Spankings and hypnotic programming will be dispensed whenever she is bad As time goes by Olivia might just surrender They might bring her to heel and teach her how to be a good dogPublisher’s Note This 24000 word book contains explicit content which some readers may find objectionable Adult and domination themes include various forms of pet play puppy pony and cow spanking forced lactation dubious consent orgasm denial and extensive humiliation Each character is over the age of eightee.

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