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Left Drowning E–pub Download

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  1. says: Left Drowning E–pub Download characters Í eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Jessica Park Jessica Park ✓ 3 free download

    read Left Drowning Jessica Park ✓ 3 free download Left Drowning E–pub Download This book was magic A well crafted story that built slowly and uietly in intensity Jessica Park's writing is beautifully detailed and painfully honest Left Drowning sneaks up on you One moment you're fine the next moment you can barely breathe I was emotionally invested in this story right from the book's dedication I'm going to share it with you here because it's just so beautiful and truly sets the tone for the entire story Th

  2. says: Left Drowning E–pub Download Jessica Park ✓ 3 free download characters Í eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Jessica Park

    Left Drowning E–pub Download Jessica Park ✓ 3 free download characters Í eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Jessica Park 5 Beyond Incredible Stars Emotional beautiful stunning shocking amazing I am at a loss for words I have been an avid reader

  3. says: read Left Drowning Jessica Park ✓ 3 free download Left Drowning E–pub Download

    Left Drowning E–pub Download Jessica Park ✓ 3 free download read Left Drowning Let me start off this review by saying this book made me angry and the last half of this book is utter trash I don't get angry very easily and I don't call many stories trash because I can usually find something of value to salvage my opinion o

  4. says: Left Drowning E–pub Download

    Left Drowning E–pub Download 3 Stars Left Drowning is a touching evocative tale that centers on a fate destined to be fulfilled It heartbreakingly and heart war

  5. says: read Left Drowning Jessica Park ✓ 3 free download characters Í eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Jessica Park

    read Left Drowning characters Í eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Jessica Park Jessica Park ✓ 3 free download This is one of the worst books I've ever readSeriouslyI'm not kiddingDreadfulI decided to get this book as a part of Kindle Unlimited To be fair this is not my normal read but it was one of the most popular downloads I checked it's ra

  6. says: Left Drowning E–pub Download read Left Drowning

    Left Drowning E–pub Download Loved this one Utterly beautiful heartbreaking at times emotional angsty love story With some serious steamy momen

  7. says: Left Drowning E–pub Download

    read Left Drowning Jessica Park ✓ 3 free download Left Drowning E–pub Download My review contains unmarked spoilers throughoutNose Graze — Book reviewsOh boy Strap yourselves in guys This is going to be one crazy—and slightly ranty—reviewSeriously though If you don't like ranty reviews don't read this And I just want to say that I love the author to bits I only met her for about 2 minutes but she seems like a really nice woman and I seriously hope than anything that she doesn't r

  8. says: Left Drowning E–pub Download

    Left Drowning E–pub Download read Left Drowning What a beautiful storyLeft Drowning is an emotionally heart wrenching novel about the adverse effects of tragedy on the human spirit Reading about two broken peopleis hard but I loved thatIt was so intense and beautifully written I can't look

  9. says: Left Drowning E–pub Download Jessica Park ✓ 3 free download characters Í eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Jessica Park

    characters Í eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Jessica Park Jessica Park ✓ 3 free download read Left Drowning 15 From the synopsis we hear that Blythe is struggling with her parents death and is trying to get back on track When the book starts with her falling into her dorm room drunk I thought this novel was going to start out a little on the dark side We have our lead being a hot mess then something sweet would happen and then after several shenanigans she would snap out of it This is not the case for Left Drowning

  10. says: Left Drowning E–pub Download Jessica Park ✓ 3 free download

    Jessica Park ✓ 3 free download Left Drowning E–pub Download I loved this book This is so beautifully writtenBlythe A girl so alone Drowning in depression What is her life? NothingWhat I find interesting at least from a human interest standpoint is that while I am painfully aware of my feelings and symptoms I’m unable to shake them and move forward I am stagnant I guess Which makes sense given that s

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read Left Drowning

Jessica Park ✓ 3 free download Left Drowning review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ing she doesn’t expect an undeniable attraction to a dark haired senior named Chris Shepherd whose past may be even complicated than her own As their relationship deepens Chris pulls Blythe out of the stupor she’s been in since the night a fire took half her family She begins to heal and even halting. Loved this one Utterly beautiful heartbreaking at times emotional angsty love story With some serious steamy moments as a bonus and wonderful secondary characters Highly recommend this one

characters Í eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Jessica Park

Left Drowning

Jessica Park ✓ 3 free download Left Drowning review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ly to love this guy who helps her find new paths to pleasure and self discovery But as Blythe moves into calmer waters she realizes Chris is the one still strangled by his family’s traumatic history As dark currents threaten to pull him under Blythe may be the only person who can keep him from drowning. My review contains unmarked spoilers throughoutNose Graze Book reviewsOh boy Strap yourselves in guys This is going to be one crazy and slightly ranty reviewSeriously though If you don t like ranty reviews don t read this And I just want to say that I love the author to bits I only met her for about 2 minutes but she seems like a really nice woman and I seriously hope than anything that she doesn t read this because it would kind of hurt my soulLet s start off with my overall enjoyment or lack thereof of Left Drowning I started off reading Left Drowning hopeful I thought it would be the shining light of a hot romantic contemporary romance that would save me from a reading slump How wrong I wasMy Rage y Recap of the PlotLeft Drowning almost immediately takes a bad turn insta love As soon as the troubled depressed self critical Blythe meets Chris she feels an inexplicable attraction towards him Red flag red flag But you know what I decided to deal with it At this point I was fairly warmed up to both Blythe and Chris so I thought I d just suck it up and deal with the insta love thinking that would be the worst of it But nope I was wrong again the worst was yet to comeSome people believe in God I believe in Chris Blythe page 127 Chris and Blythe are friends despite her super hot attraction towards him They re polite and courteous Then one night they have a crazy random make outgrope session Chris makes it clear that they ve gone too far and can t do that again but Blythe is amped the fuck up She s so hot and ready for him and she s OBSESSED with him All she can think about is Chris Chris Chris For now Chris is fairly absent and adrift I keep hearing from Blythe that she s friends with Chris and he s so amazing but Chris is never on the fucking page Where is he Who is he What is his personality I have no idea The only thing I learned about him is that Chris never wants to get married He doesn t believe in marriage he thinks it s stupid and he believes that if two people love each other they don t need a ceremony to prove itFast forward a few weeks which is actually like one chapter that s the other thing I expected each chapter to be a few days at most but suddenly I m being told that WEEKSMONTHS have gone by wat and Blythe jumps Chris in a hotel room Chris goesI can t be your boyfriend Blythe I m not boyfriend materialTo which Blythe respondsI never said I wanted you to be my boyfriend NOW GET THAT COCK INSIDE OF MEDisclaimer above two uotes have been paraphrased Not exact uotesCue 5 days of sex sex sex over Christmas break And as she reaches her final orgasm she comes to a realization she s in love with Chris Obviously it s not just because he made her climax for 5 days straight There s true love there Let s ignore the fact that they haven t said as much as 2 words to each other because obviously that s not importantI can feel my orgasm start and the sensation is so intense that it s nearly enough to make me cry I let it wash over me while I writhe against him like I m never going to see him again And then I realize what has happened between us tonight We just fell in love Pages 244 245 After their sexual escapade in which Blythe transformed from a virgin to a sex addict willing to fuck a plant Blythe and Chris return to university where Chris starts ignoring her He pulls away and flat out doesn t exist for like 100 pages Blythe tells herself she s okay with this because they never agreed to a relationship and she just treasures the moments they spent together nakedA few months later she learns that Chris has a girlfriend and has been dating her ever since they got back to university after Christmas DRAAAAMA At this point I hated both characters On the one hand I m mad at Blythe She literally FLIPS A BITCH as if she had some sort of claim to Chris even though they weren t dating They re not a couple and yet she s in a jealous rage She s the one who said she didn t want him to be her boyfriend so she has no right to flip the fuck out But on the other hand I also hate Chris WHAT THE BLOODY FUCKS During their 5 days of hot and heavy sex both characters were like Omg our connection Omg our love YES YES YES Chris was obviously into Blythe in a relationship way and Blythe was obviously into Chris So why the fuck does he go find another woman I ll tell you why Because apparently Blythe is too much for Chris She s too intense She s too amazing He loves her too much So naturally he must find another woman Yes he actually said things like thatBUT WAIT That s not all Not only is he dating another woman but he is now ENGAGED to her That s right engaged So apparently he wasn t against the idea of marriage at all despite his earlier claim I guess he just didn t want marriage with BlytheNow keep in mind that Blythe and Chris have had nothing but sex at this point They have had no real relationship they have barely exchanged words other than like I m here for you You re safe Get your cock inside of me But despite this Blythe is in love with him So when she finds out about his engagement she goes into a jealous crying rage She will never love again She will never sleep with another man She is doomed to be heartbroken forever and ever and ever because her one love escaped herAround graduation time Blythe and Chris have one last teary goodbye in which they kiss yes he technically cheated on his fianc e just then and he admits to loving her so so much But don t worry he s still going to marry his fianc e WTFFast forward one yearYes the book did that I am not shitting youOne year later Blythe is still in mourning over Chris her long lost love She hasn t dated another guy she refuses to even look at other men Because Chris Oh ChrisAt this point I m actually bored even writing this so I ll speed things up Chris came to his senses didn t marry the mystery woman got back together with Blythe and they had LOTS LOTS LOTS MORE SEX Then they worked through some intense deeply rooted issues and possibly happily ever after with therapy ConclusionThroughout my entire read of Left Drowning I could just feel myself not clicking with it Blythe was in love with Chris before she d barely spoken to him And throughout the ENTIRE book they barely speak at all because Chris is pulling away for 90% of it or engaged to another woman The whole book just left me with a huge sense of WHAT THE BLOODY FUCK Why does Blythe love Chris so much I don t know How is she still thinking about him after not seeing him for an entire year I don t know All they d had was sex and she told him about how her parents died That s it There weren t long hours of conversation there was no falling in love phase It was literally 5 nights of sex and then her realizing that she loves him Because of the sex I don t know The sex was the only time when Chris came alive There he had personality But outside of the sex He was an empty shell that was barely even in the bookAnd then there s the fact that Blythe never seemed special to me She didn t have that much personality And yes Chris and his family are OBSESSED with her She s amazing and the best thing that ever happened to them What How Why She doesn t even talk that muchBlythe herself just gets progressively annoying throughout the book First when Chris starts dating another woman she goes into a jealous RAGE But she and Chris were never dating she never had a claim to him He wasn t cheating on anyone and yet she s PISSED Because apparently she loves him soooo muchThen there s the fact that she has a very do as I say not as I do attitude I ll let this uote speak for itselfSeriously my dear sister what s with all the travel size liuor bottles So what I had an impulse purchase at the liuor store You re driving I thought I d have a drink I pour the mini gin into my half empty bottle of lukewarm tonic water and take a straw from my purse What I m doing is illegal and stupid So don t ever drink in a car I don t plan to And you shouldn t be driving with a passenger who is drinking I know that Page 298 Blythe tells her brother to never drive with a passenger who is drinking WHILE SHE S POURING HERSELF A DRINK IN THE CAR So basically Don t illegally drink in the car or drive with people who are except for this one time Then there was this whole thing about Blythe complaining that it was sooo embarrassing that she can t run a marathon Poor BlytheI can do a half marathon but not a whole fucking one Don t tell anyone It s embarrassing Blythe page 312 So to everyone out there who can t run a marathon me you should be embarassedUgh just this book The romance was honestly horrible Because there was no romance It honestly didn t exist I felt zero love between Chris and Blythe Sure they had some sexual chemistry but nothing they did built up to love It all screamed instantI wanted to DNF this book so badly but I didn t because I wanted to hold out for the big twist at the end But that was also a let down because I honestly guessed the entire twist ever since the first flashback thing at the beginning It didn t come as a shock to me at all So that was ruinedIf you can click with this book and somehow not hate Chris for being an annoying douchebag I think you might like this book I feel like a lot of the pieces are there it just didn t work for me at all It s supposed to be emotional and intense it is pretty hot the sex is good but god Put it all together and none of it worked for me except maybe the hot sex scenes Honestly there s still a lot I have to say about the book especially with regards to the side characters but I can t get past the big fat asshole that is Chris

Jessica Park ✓ 3 free download

Jessica Park ✓ 3 free download Left Drowning review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB 13 hrs 12 mins What does it take to rise from life’s depths swim against the current and breatheWeighted down by the loss of her parents Blythe McGuire struggles to keep her head above water as she trudges through her last year at Matthews College Then a chance meeting sends Blythe crashing into someth. Let me start off this review by saying this book made me angry and the last half of this book is utter trash I don t get angry very easily and I don t call many stories trash because I can usually find something of value to salvage my opinion of them This one just manages to boggle the mind on so many levels that I had to finish reading it just to find something where it will redeem itself Regrettably it did not and it absolutely deserves the one star rating that I am giving it I actually uite enjoyed the beginning of the book I thought the introduction of Blythe drunk and stumbling around was uite humorous I was intrigued by her situation and wanted to find out why she is in such a state She seemed like a lonely lost desperate girl but one that was believable So after four years of drinking herself into a stupor apparently she encounters a boy in a coffee shop six months before graduation And he apparently finds her utterly charming and invites her to some random show I thought oookay sure thing Then she meets some boy on the side of a lake skipping stones that she is utterly drawn to because of how beautiful and strong and lean he is Blah blah Really the insta love should have rung freaking alarm bells in my head but I braved on because thankfully there was no mention of any electricity sparking between them or whatever And then she s all hey I just met you but my parents died in a fire and I don t believe in god The appropriate response a Lady it s real nice to get to know you but this is kind of heavy and I think you should see a therapist b My mom died too There is no god not for us cue dramatic musicOoookay Except what came next was much much worse The progression of the next part of the novel was tolerable Blythe spends time with Chris for the rest of the day and meets the rest of his family Even though it was a bit weird that she masturbates to the thought of some stranger she just met and spent the day with I was accepting of it because hey what turns you on is what turns you on right And I don t mind the mention of female masturbation in novels because there should be of it So it s all good Then for some reason she decides to go running I m not sure how much time passes between that day and this day but she s all needing his help since apparently he s the only person she has connected with in the four years she s spent on this campus Why she hasn t failed out of university already or somehow harmed herself due to liver failure amazes me But by this point I should have realized that this isn t a story about real people with genuine feelings and hopes and dreams and pasts that could actually happen This is just an excuse to write sexy scenes and fantasy dramatic events that couldn t possibly occur in real life Unfortunately I kept on reading because I missed all of these clues They make out and he stops all of a sudden and says this is wrong and ushers her out of the room She leaves thinking I don t know why he thinks this is wrong but it was hot so it s ok and I ll just smile because OMG my girl parts are tingling and finally feel something after all of these years NO I mean NO If a guy stops and say it s wrong for us to make out then you should probably have some sort of suspicion that maybe a he is dating someone else or b he grew up in a strict religious household or is repressing something By the way so far I don t even know what she studies in university It doesn t seem like it even matters It doesn t even seem like she has any sort of future How does she even pay for university anyway Who knows She doesn t need to study or go to labs or do anything college related anyway She just needs to touch herself and obsess about Chris Moving onWe then suddenly switch to a third person flashback about Blythe helping some weird guy in the past and then I am thinking He s going to turn out to be THAT GUY but it can t be that obvious because that would be too much I make myself forget about this scene since I m hoping it won t come back to haunt me After some scenes just to emphasize how close Blythe is getting to the rest of the family and how amazingly they all get along And golly gee don t you know that Blythe s roommate just happened to move out at the beginning of the year and how convenient it is that her new bestie Estelle Chris sister is suddenly in need of a place to stay because she hates her roommate Her roommate woke her up by playing Michael Buble so guess what she does She starts using her vibrator Look at how fun and amazing this new bestie is How sexually free How unrepressed Honestly that is just kind of gross and unnecessaryOther things happen and Blythe touches herself some while fantasizing about Chris Chris Chris Chris this is all she ever thinks about There s no mentions of going to class of maintaining good grades of something about what she s going to do after she graduates She just exists at this moment in time because that s what the purpose of this story is to capture this impossible romance Let s not pretend these are people Then there s some emotional stuff she has to deal with her brother and her parents death which was actually appropriate to the story and not too poorly done I had hope then from this point that the story may actually progress to improving from the hole where it fell into Eh No Chris and Blythe spend five days in a hotel having lots and lots of sex in all sorts of ways And then they don t really clarify their relationship but they flirt and stuff and spend lots of time together and she seems to be cool with it She even told him before that she doesn t want a relationship that they can just be friends and he repeatedly tells her You re too good for me I m bad for you I m not boyfriend materialWhat I learned from New Adult novels If a guy tells you that he s not boyfriend material RUN RUN AS FAR AS YOU CAN And don t pretend that you are Just friends when you are saying things like I will never sleep with anyone besides Christopher Shepherd That is CRAZY talk there woman You guys haven t even had a discussion about what THIS is and you are already pledging the rest of your life and your happiness to a guy who obviously has big issues That s justno Because they meet up a few weeks after this marathon sex fest and they re just hanging out with their group of friends and he even slaps her ass in front of them then a bombshell drops Chris is with some girl who kisses him and then she finds out FROM HIS FAMILY WHO ARE ALSO SUPPOSEDLY HER FRIENDS that he is dating some girl and has been for a while I mean WTF These people are NOT your friends They do not have your back if they are going to see their brother date another girl when they obviously know that you are blindly in love with him Do you know what happens in the future when something happens and the two of you get into a big fight They are going to stand on his side Forever and always You are not number one to them and they will turn on you just like they ve already turned on you by not letting you know about him dating this other girl Oh and by the way he gets engaged to this other girl too And she rationalizes what he does because And that s why you can t ever be with me isn t it I make everything too real for you She doesn t do that You know what Chris BOOHOO for you that you had a terrible past and had to take care of your brother and sister BOOHOO for you that you are so afraid to have a normal relationship and to have feelings So you have to go and lead two women on BOOHOO you are just a big selfish asshole who doesn t want to be alone and you can go jump in a lake Then he comes back between the engagement and the wedding and uses Blythe again after his father has a heart attack And now he s basically cheating on his fiancee and she lets him so she s just as much of a jerk as he is I mean the poor other girl Poor Jennifer you are just some pathetic excuse for drama created for the sake of providing an obstacle between Chris and Blythe There s no need for you to have feelings or personality There s no need for you to be anything but a name You re not pretty but you re not not pretty You re not a hot piece of ass You re just no one I love how Chris family don t warn the girl either They just adore him and allow him to do whatever he wants because he s apparently some sort of god Anyway of course the wedding doesn t happen and Blythe welcomes him back with open arms and they get some sort of happily ever after where they heal each other or whatever Ugh Some major problems with this book that repulsed me Blythe finds out that Estelle is sleeping with a professor and also because of her upbringing may have some leanings towards BDSM As a good friend of hers do you ever ask her if there is something going on if there is anything you can do to help Because this woman is obviously dealing with some issues Oh no Blythe just pretends everything is ok because obviously this story is just about Blythe and Chris damaged relationship so other people with their own hurts and painful memories don t matter Same with Sabin s drinking problem or James own personal struggles There could have been some emotional brother sister sort of feelings here but there were about two scenes of that Even though there are lots of sexy scenes about making out and self masturbating and mutual masturbation and lots of orgasms none of it felt real It didn t feel real because Blythe and Chris love is not real There was no emotional connection that was built up over time over little shared moments or connections It s basically some steamy scenes where if you replace the characters names you could get the same response In fact it might even be even hotter these scenes as one night stands I started skipping these sex scenes because it doesn t really add to the story Also Blythe was a virgin that didn t touch herself for four years and I don t think she watched any porn but man was she able to say some dirty titillating things to Chris to get hot and he was like some dude with years of experience with his dirty talk I felt like I was suddenly dropped into a porno which provided a strange disconnect from the dark and emotional components of the story It s supposedly romantic to have scars that complete each other I mean that s morbid and strange How everything came together was just this side of fucked up They meet somehow when he was being punished by his father and she saves him Then while his father was about to kill him he is called away and saves her life Then they meet years later and fall in love with some sort of puzzle piece shaped scars that fit together This is WEIRD and not romantic at all If this ever happened to me I would be freaked out and I would think this was too much for me and I would leave But I mean if this had happened to me I would have not talked to him ever after he got engaged to the other girl But hey that s just me This is just like Sea of Tranuility Where She Went and other New Adult books that have been appearing lately Angsty mcangst boys who have excuses for treating girls in their lives like utter crap and the girls just give in because it is TWU LUV and they are soulmates or some shit The girl is usually a virgin or naive or innocent or all of the above believing so very much in the hero even though he goes about doing his own thing and plays with people s emotions But it doesn t matter because they are MEANT TO BE due to some ridiculous unbelievable coincidences and it just brings up a bad rendition of that song by Elton John about Written in the Stars Like I mentioned in one of my status updates this book is a crossover between Twilight and Korean drama Twilight because the boy has a some sort of secret b which prevents them from being together c has a close knit family that welcomes and adores her d pushes away and then gives in to her attempts at seduction Korean drama because a they met each other in someway years before without knowing it b everybody in the story has some sort of tragic past and sob story c everything has to come full circle where their lives were interconnected from the start I have a feeling that people will enjoy this though so don t take anything of what I said in this review seriously if you loved any of the above books that I mentioned I do admit I have a weak spot for Korean dramas though And Chris is an asshole The end Last note Cheers to Netgalley for letting me read this It s pretty obvious that I am giving my honest opinion and I haven t been influenced by them when they provided this for my review

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