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EBOOK DOWNLOAD (Echoes of a Gloried Past The Safanarion Order #2) é Ken Lozito

  • Kindle Edition
  • 401
  • Echoes of a Gloried Past The Safanarion Order #2
  • Ken Lozito
  • English
  • 09 July 2020
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Ken Lozito Ö 2 Download

Download ´ Echoes of a Gloried Past The Safanarion Order #2 É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Librarian's note Alternate cover edition of ASIN B00JU3LJ12An epic fantasy adventure series continuesI am Aaron Jace of the House Alenzar’seth the Lords of Shandara The world of Safanar has been sheltered by the blood and sacrifice of my ancestors but no for I am the lastThe Drake a construct of advanced Hythariam technology has taken Sarah and is using our love to change her into an assassin I am her target Some have advised me to abandon Sarah to her fate believing that she is beyond saving but that is something I won’t doWhispers of. Book 2 see a blend of sci fi to the epic fantasyKim Lozito has a way of telling a story that pulls the reader in Seeing this is his first published series on I do recognize some of the earlier mistakes and author makes who is self published However he is greatly improved in many aspects in this second book The story is told in a third person omnipresent point of view It s hard to pull off but I do think he does it well enough that it doesn t become a distraction His transitions are rather smooth and the only thing that was slightly confusing was when he had a character thinking something he did not necessarily italicize it Having read his later works I recognize some of these sci fi elements he carried on into another series The mix of sci fi and fantasy actually works fairly well here It is a soft fantasy as well as a soft sci fi What I mean is the details are not really important magic happens science happens and we don t really know the ins and outs of it Still the story itself is what pulls you through You care for the characters and they are some heart strings that are most certainly pulled throughout the pages this isn t a deep story where you going to have several complex plots going on It is purely an adventureand well worth the price particularly if you read it on Kindle unlimited While I think few antagonist we see are still a bit flat they do get a little depth as some gray area starts to form Aaron as the main protagonist is still a bit overpowered in my opinion but at this point there s really nothing that can be done about it given that his nature was set in the first book However it is interesting to seethe difficulties that the author puts him through to bring him to a point where even even being overpowered might not be enoughThe story float a bit better than in the first book There was less bumps in the road so to speak because there was not the rush that we saw in the first bookThe story is appropriate for the young end of young adults and above

Free read Echoes of a Gloried Past The Safanarion Order #2Echoes of a Gloried Past The Safanarion Order #2

Download ´ Echoes of a Gloried Past The Safanarion Order #2 É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ome of the High King and the Elitesmen Order where he will find the most unlikely of allies Time is running out for Sarah She has only days before she is lost and if Aaron can’t reach her in time then nothing he can do will save her from what she will becomeEchoes of a Gloried Past is the second installment of the epic fantasy adventure Safanarion Order series continuing this not so traditional fantasy The worlds of myth and science will coalesce in this epic tale of action adventure with ancient allies and enemies alike preparing for war. it s been a while since I wanted to read through a book this uickly I read through it in two days Again very well written and extremely enjoyable I am truly enjoying on Mr Lozito has written these books as true seuels Where on ends the next one startsHighly recommended

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Download ´ Echoes of a Gloried Past The Safanarion Order #2 É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free The return of the Alenzar’seth are spreading throughout Safanar Nations are mobilizing to rebel against the tyranny of the High King but there is a grave threat poised to strike the people of Safanar known to only a few Everything is about to changeThe fall of Shandara may yet spell certain doom for the people of Safanar The barrier between worlds is failing and the Hythariam refugees living on Safanar have returned to honor the sacrifices of my familyAaron’s uest to save the woman he loves will take him to the very heart of Khamearra H. Great fast paced suspenseful and gripping seuel This series just keeps getting better