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PDF The Hanging Woods

  • Hardcover
  • 336
  • The Hanging Woods
  • Scott Loring Sanders
  • English
  • 08 January 2020
  • 9780618881253

Scott Loring Sanders Ü 8 characters

characters The Hanging Woods 108 Part that can stand by and watch a house burn down or the life flow out of a fox without doing anything to stop either He knows he could should do something to help But some part of him keeps him glued in place watching with fascination and curiosity Maybe it would have been be. Jen R I picked this up because the cover and the blurbs made it seem like a Stand by Me sort of novel Set in the 1970s in a small struggling working class town this is the story of 3 teen boys who are uneasy with themselves and with each other Trust is a major theme in this book though lifelong friends the three main characters don t trust each other at all They make mention of John Knowles A Seperate Peace and there are some interesting parallels The characters don t grab you and the story is very plodding for the first 34 of the book Everyone is mildly to stronly racist but little to no moral judgement attached The only bright spot is a headless turkey that one character is trying to keep alive in order to get into the Guinness Book of World Records The ending is a gotcha one but I found it not that shocking coming from such an unreliable narrator There was also a rapid rise in severity as far as events go from boyhood pranks to incest sodomy and murder I wouldn t booktalk it but I would perhaps shelftalk it if I had a teen who was into murder mysteries and wanted something that was uick and easy

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characters The Hanging Woods 108 Tter if Walter had never found out the things he did Maybe he didn't really want to know But then again maybe he did Richly atmospheric The Hanging Woods is at times disturbing but it is always riveting It's a tale of deception delusion and the dark places a troubled mind can go. Another book I am not sure what to make of I hated the story but was compelled to find out what was going to happen anyway There was not 1 character I liked or felt much compassion about Set in 1975 in Alabama it does have some interesting looks into the seedier side of suburbia type stuff going on I can not really see this having much of a teen audience maybe it is for adults The author has some great writing accolades so I was kind of surprised at not liking it It is well written maybe it is really that the story is so dark and disturbing but not unrealistic that it is hard to like the book I would love to hear what anyone else thinks

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characters The Hanging Woods 108 What Walter reads that day changes him Not in any way someone would really notice He still goes to school hangs out with his friends Jimmy and Mothball and tries to avoid the Troll the town recluse But something in him has changed It's as if he can feel a part of him growing the. i have no idea why no one has read this bookit is amazing i wasn t sure it was YA at first because i bought it used and the writing is so wonderful dark and literary not that YA can t be dark and literary but this just seems particularly well crafted for an audience that usually swoons over sparkly vampires where the word beautiful is used 14000 times per volume this book has a classic appeal to it and of course the comparisons between it and to kill a mockingbird are obvious but not undeserved it really does an amazing job setting up the mood of the book and the feel of a typical coming of age in alabama novel with some decidedly fresh and striking twistswhenever i find a book like this i want to wrangle the reluctant to read YA peeps and force them to read what i have foundit opens with the killing of a fox for greg to enjoy and then it follows three boys through their complicated friendship largely based on physical abuse and humiliation ah youthand on a thanksgiving note there is also a turkey kept alive without the benefit of his head for the sake of a guinness book of world records attempt it is such a great image a fat turkey waddling around on a leash behind this boy with a little black executioner s hood on him for hygiene purposes the book is worth it for that alone really so it makes me sad that the ending went the way it did not the big reveal which was easily seen well all of the reveals were pretty obvious but only if you are paying attention to details which i am very good at when i read but the mechanism of the big reveal this is where i am not surprised it is YA it stays dark until the end and that is hard to do but the drip drip dripping of clues becomes a flood becomes a bit of foolishness that is perfectly in keeping with the character but makes the adult reader somewhat disappointedbut details of this book keep ricocheting around in my brain so that alone is proof that it was successful i strongly encourage people to read this book because almost all of it is meticulous and authentic feeling and that s what the kids want right authenticity and meticulous proseyupcome to my blog